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Virtual dedicated server - VDS / VPS

Virtual dedicated server (Virtual dedicated server - VDS or Virtual private server - VPS) is a full unix system. VDS Administrator – is a full root of its unix-system with capabilities and access to the complete system configuration and administration, excluding its hardware.

Tariff plans for virtualization - KVM and disk system - SSD.

Package VM-START

  • 20 GB Disk space
  • UNLIM Traffic per month
  • 1 core Number of cores
  • 1 GB RAM


  • 30 GB Disk space
  • UNLIM Traffic per month
  • 2 cores Number of cores
  • 2 GB RAM

Package VM-OTRIV

  • 40 GB Disk space
  • UNLIM Traffic per month
  • 3 cores Number of cores
  • 3 GB RAM

Package VM-POLET

  • 50 GB Disk space
  • UNLIM Traffic per month
  • 4 cores Number of cores
  • 4 GB RAM

KVM - VDS / VPS Tariffs

Kernel Virtual Machine, or KVM - is a software solution that provides virtualization in Linux on the platform x86. KVM supports virtualization of guest operating systems Linux and even Windows on hardware that is capable of virtualization.

Placing of the game server into multiple slots, resource-intensive applications on Java, OpenVPN clients to upload files, systems for distributed computing and proxy servers. Any operating system: FreeBSD, Linux, Windows.

Applications under Linux, remote MySQL server, FTP storage, placement of sites, DNS organization, CMS installation (Joomla, WordPress, UMI.CMS, DLE, Drupal, etc.

Benefits of VDS / VPS servers

For all packages - port 1000 Mbit/s.

For all packages - Unlimited traffic for you.

Safety On VDS / VPS hosting you are isolated from virtual servers of other customers.

Guarantee Guaranteed resource allocation provided for your package.

Flexible settings Administrative access to VDS / VPS server and the ability to change any config using Additional services VDS.

No restrictions On VDS / VPS hosting there are no restrictions on the number of users, sites, databases, etc.

Running custom services On VDS / VPS hosting you have full control over the server processes and services.

Software installation You have the option to install any additional VDS / VPS Software.

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