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Thawte и RapidSSL

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Thawte & RapidSSL - availability and reliability

RapidSSL Cheap SSL certificate from the leading manufacturer. Easy to install: step by step instructions help to install the certificate in a few minutes. 99% of browsers support the credibility of the certificate, therefore users can be sure about the safety of their personal data. Upto 256 bit encryption provides reliable protection of sensitive data. Reliable manufacturer: RapidSSL, as part of company GeoTrust, is an international trusted certification authority.

Certificates from Thawte are unsurpassed reputation of trust and reliability for over 17 years, the first ones who moved to SSL certificates of international level.

  • Thawte & RapidSSL
  • Price per year
  • Check of domain name
  • Check of organization
  • Extended Validation
  • Green address bar
  • Guarantee amount
  • Subdomains protection
  • Submission term
  • SSL-encryption
  • SGC-encryption
  • Compatibility with mob. devices
  • Support of international (IDN)
  • RapidSSL Certificate
  • $14
  • 10%
  • 10 minutes
  • 256 bits
  • Rapidssl Wildcard
  • $125
  • 100%
  • 10 minutes
  • 256 bits
  • Thawte SSL123
  • $35
  • 100%
  • 1 day
  • 256 bits
  • Thawte Web Server SSL
  • $100
  • 125%
  • 1-3 days
  • 256 bits
  • Thawte EV SSL
  • $225
  • 125%
  • 1-10 days
  • 256 bits

Thawte & RapidSSL certificates meet all your needs

RapidSSL provides 128- or 256- bit protection. Basic certificate with domain check and readiness within a few hours.

Rapidssl Wildcard SSL certificates RapidSSL® Wildcard provide 128- or 256- bit protection, and help to protect all subdomains on your site. Certificates RapidSSL® are compatible with all popular web browsers. This solution is ideal for large commercial portals and sites with a large number of subdomains.

Thawte SSL123 entry-level certificate from Thawte, which confirms the receipt of the certificate by the owner of the domain name. With SSL encryption certificate enables secure data transfer between client and server.

Thawte Web Server SSL SSL is the certificate of the average level from Thawte. The certificate contains information about the company and the domain name for which the certificate was issued. The certificate can be issued only for legal entity.

Thawte Web Server with EV Reliable SSL certificate from Thawte Inc. Certificate with EV has a key indicator of security - the green address bar of the browser, through which users can be sure of the highest degree of information security and reliability of your company. The certificate can be issued for only legal entity that must pass Extended Validation process.