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UNLim24 provides hosting services to customers around the world.


Registration on the website means the user accept the terms of use of services provided by UNLim24 listed below. UNLim24 provides its services in accordance with Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. The current version of these rules is always located at: In case of disagreement, or inability to perform these rules after being notified of their modification, the user has the right to suspend using the services of UNLim24. In this case, we guarantee the customer a refund monies paid, minus all amounts for services consumed and obligatory payments for the current accounting period.

1. Breach of the law

Services provided by the Contractor shall be used only for lawful purposes. The illegal activities include (but are not limited to hereinafter listed): distribution of drugs,  unauthorized access to computer systems, piracy (distribution of copyrighted material in violation of copyright), carrying of gambling, conducting schemes of deception, breach of other laws of Ukraine.

2. Standards of Conduct in the network

Is not allowed distribution of non-requested information or advertising to those with whom the client has not already established business relationship, sending promotional information, not relevant to site subject; fraud (use of e-mail of incorrect or non-existent return address of the sender); sending into a single mailbox lot of the same e-mail and subscription of someone to mailing list without the consent of that person.

3. Violation of the rights of third parties

Not permitted distribution of private information about a person without his consent, the violation of intellectual property rights, the spreading of aspersions on person or entity.

4. Website content

On servers is not allowed to post sites containing:

  • IRC egg drops
  • port scanning, bruteforce, attacks and any similar actions
  • materials of openly erotic and pornographic content, images of scenes of violence, public executions and the like
  • phishing and fake sites (sites imitating popular network resources in order to obtain confidential information of users of these resources)
  • viruses, links for its downloading or advertising of sites containing them
  • IRC.
  • Forbidden to spread software that can be used to send spam.

5. Use of server resources

On virtual hosting is prohibited improper use of server resources, and namely is not allowed to run daemon programs (TSRs), is not allowed scripts execution causing a critical load on the server. In case of detection the scripts causing abnormal load on the server the account will be suspended until the adoption of measures by the user to optimize the code. Sites using php-nuke and generating excessive load on the server are recommended to be placed on VDS servers. Such sites can be suspended without notice.

6. Technical support

The question to Support Centre you must specify substantially, completely revealing the essence of the problem. Specify www-domain on which the problem described by the customer occurs, accurately describe your actions and visible errors. It is advisable to copy the part of the log of your virtual host from the error log in the Log menu of cPanel hosting control panel or attach a screenshot of the visible problem. When contacting Support Centre any insults to support staff and the use of profanity are inadmissible. In this case, customer service can be terminated unilaterally by the end of the period paid by the customer.

7. Traffic

  • Shared Hosting:

    Unlimited traffic is granted, provided that the projects on the customer's account will not exceed a ratio of 1:6 of inbound traffic to outbound. In case of violation of this ratio the client account can be blocked. When placed on the account common types of sites (corporate websites, online stores, blogs, forums, etc.), the ratio will not be violated. These rules are developed on the basis of and are based on generally accepted standards of use of the network. Any breach of the above rules will inevitably lead to the removal of the account and termination of agreement with the user committed violations.

  • Servers VDS /VPS:

    We provide Unlimited traffic on all our tariff plans. We do not impose any restrictions on the ratio of incoming / outgoing traffic. All our servers are connected at a speed of 1000 Mbps/sec Russia and 100 Mbit/sec Ukraine.

    Please note that we reserve the right to refuse service if the server is used to generate "spurious traffic": better alignment of other providers, DDOS attacks in any direction, torrent clients, proxying of traffic from external sources, etc. If you have doubts whether your certain actions are regarded the generation of spurious traffic or not, agree it in advance with Sales Department.

    In case of denial of service due to the generation of spurious traffic fund balances from the personal account are not refundable.

8. Space on the disk

This policy provides removal of restrictions on the number of files that the user can place in his account, but the place for hosting can not be used by him as network storage, file-sharing service, as well as for backup, storage of data, video, photos, software, copyrighted content and as archives of documents, log files, etc. Unlim24 reserves the right to delete such files, with or without prior notice to the client. Unlim24 also reserves the right to delete separate files larger than 1GB in the user account, regardless of the contents of the file, with or without prior notice to the client. Unlim24 also reserves the right to delete the user account in the process of deleting files, which fall under the criteria listed above, as well as if a separate account contains more than 250,000 files, with or without prior notice to the client. Unlim24 also reserves the right to suspend the user account that contains more than 250,000 files. You can upgrade to vps server, where there is not such restriction.

9. Responsibility of the parties

Network Internet is a global association of computer networks and information resources belonging to many different people and organizations. This association is decentralized, and unified compulsory set of rules (laws) of using Internet network has not been established. There are, however, taken as a principle of this document, generally accepted standards of Internet experience (see, designed to ensure that the activity of each user on the network does not interfere with other users. The basic principle of their actions is the following provision: the owners of these resources, and only them, determine terms of use of any Internet resources (from the mailbox to the server and the communication channel). The owner of any informational or technical resources of the network can set for this resource his own rules for its use. Terms of use of resources or reference to it are published by owners or administrators of these resources at the connection point to such resources and are binding on all users of these resources. The customer is obliged to observe the rules of resource use or immediately stop using it. In accordance with this provision, any actions of the customer, causing complaints from owners of other networks, servers, information resources, news conferences, mailing lists, etc., violating the rules of use of the respective resources, are not allowed.

The Contractor shall not be liable to Customer for delays and disruptions that occur directly or indirectly for a reason which is beyond the reasonable control of the Contractor.

The Contractor shall not be liable for the quality of communication lines, if they are organized by others.

Each party shall be liable to the other party for damage caused by the failure or improper fulfillment of obligations, subject to the conditions of liability arising and restrictions of its limits mentioned in this article.

Contractor shall be liable to the Client for damage caused by a break in the provision of services within the discount on payment during connection breaks, which is provided by corresponding sections of the General Conditions of the Services.

The Contractor shall not be liable for any loss of content, if the backup is not created, the client is solely responsible for data protection on his account.

The parties shall not be liable to each other for loss of profit or any other consequential damages and are also exempted from liability for failure to fulfill obligations caused by force majeure.